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Untying Knots

This game is a great way for a group of people to learn to work together. They have to co-operate to solve this challenge.

set-up for untying knots game

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Untying Knots

  1. Take a long rope and tie one knot about every three feet.  There should be one knot for each person.  If you got more than six in the group, you might want to have two ropes.
  2. Lay the rope on the ground or a table in a straight line.
  3. Have each player stand by a knot on the rope.
  4. Have the players pick up the rope making sure each player has one hand on either side of the rope.
  5. They have to untie the knots without letting go of the rope.

untying knots game in progress

Usually it will take some time to figure out how to untie the knots.  Some groups end up with more knots before they figure it out!  Give them time to solve the challenge.


Be aware that the players may end up in close physical contact with each other during the game.

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