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Water Balloons

Water balloons are always fun to play with.  Here's an idea from one of our visitors that sounds like a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

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Water Balloons


a big plastic container
a hose
a lot of small balloons
a basket ball board

Fill the balloons with water and tie up each one, put them in the plastic container (filled with water too)...  You can start to play basketball, trying to make points with the balloon, and take turns.

You can play passing the balloons, to other kids, and the other kid needs to trap the balloon, it does not matter if you don't trap the balloons, because you would be getting wet, and having fun.

"I was playing with my two daughters last Friday for almost three hours in our backyard, and was really great."

Thanks to Ramy for sharing this idea.

Note: Be sure to pick up all pieces of any balloons that break. They can be dangerous for young children and even the birds. Make sure they all end up in the garbage.

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