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Wave Game

My kids learned a new game this week called Wave.  It's a cross between hide-n-seek and freeze tag.

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Wave Game

The game starts with one person being chosen to be IT.  That person counts to 20 or maybe 50.  It depends how easy it is to find hiding places in your yard or house.  While the person has their eyes covered and is counting, the rest of the players run off to find their hiding places.

When the person who is IT finishes counting, he or she will start looking for the other players.  When someone is found, IT calls out "1-2-3 on " and the player's name  (e.g.  "1-2-3 on David" ).

The player who was found has to go to the 'jail'.  Any high visibility place will do as the jail.  It could be a swing set, large rock, tree or even just a Frisbee or hula hoop on the grass.  They have to stay in jail until they see one of the free players in their hiding spot who is waving at them.  Once they have been waved at, they are free to go and hide again.  Of course, if IT sees them as they sneak away, IT can call 1-2-3 on them again.

Kids will come up with endless variations and new rules that fit their own yard or situation.

There may be boundaries like, you must stay on our property, or you aren't allowed in the house.

One of my favorites is when the kids call out 'no puppy guarding'.  That happens when IT is staying too near the jail and the waved at players don't have a fair chance to get away.

The game ends when IT has all the players in jail.  A new IT is chosen and the whole thing starts all over again.

Hint:  The best hiding places are within site of the jail so that you can wave at players who have been caught.

This game has some advantages over hide-n-seek.  Even the caught players can easily get back into the game rather than just waiting until the start of the next round.  It's more cooperative since the kids who are hiding are also trying to wave at and free the caught players without the hidden player getting seen.

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