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It's almost summer and the school year is coming to an end. Often teachers get a lot of little mementos at the end of the year.  Here are some ideas from parents who have gotten together to create a very special gift from the whole class.

Class Present - go together and get something special.
Handprints and Terra Cotta Pots
Rose Bush and Garden Stones
Camping Chair
Saving Money
Sentsational Teacher

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Class Present

Here's an idea sent in by a creative parent!

I snuck the following card (in a self addressed stamped, but unsealed envelope) into each child's backpack, and received $10 from each parent within a few weeks. The card said,

Dear Parents:
After polling some of the Kindergarten Afternoon Class parents, there was overwhelming support for contributing to a year-end Wooden Garden Bench for Ms. Kathy, instead of individual trinkets. The bench will be painted white and we will sneak the children out to the yard during a French class to individualize it with their fingerprints in a vine motif. Any remaining money will be used to purchase an accompanying plant.

An engraved small brass plaque will also be affixed to the bench saying, "Ms. Kathy. You're the best. Enjoy your rest. Your JK Afternoon Class. 2003". If you are interested in contributing, please send a check for up to $10 in the stamped envelope provided.

Each parent contributed $10, and were SO happy to contribute to a practical gift she can use AND remember the children. We bought the bench, a tote bag, and an accompanying perennial plant for her garden.

We also had each child in the class write their name (in pencil) on a canvas tote bag, then one of the parents went over the names with fabric paint in a color matching the bench's fingerprints. We filled the tote bag with some of our favorite beach novels.

We presented this gift to the teacher at the year-end class party. She was overwhelmed.


  • You could choose a special rocking chair. 
  • A nice chaise lounge could be perfect for a teacher with backyard. 

Handprints and Terra Cotta Pots

Here's an idea from one of our visitors.  It would make a great gift for any gardener, including Mom, Dad or Grandparents.

"We just completed a class project for the teachers and the moms, and the kids are so excited about it. 

The 3-6 year olds each put a hand print in paint made for terra cotta pots. Then they made a handprint on each of the pots for the teachers. Later we wrote their names on the handprints with a paint pen, added a ring of color at the top with the school year on it and sprayed it with a sealer. 

Two of us moms did this with the class while we were in the classroom to paint smaller pots with the kids for their moms for mothers day. The other mom filled the kids pots with chocolates and wrapped them up beautifully. 

It was relatively easy (just try to do it when all the kids are in attendance!) and lots of fun."


Rose Bush and Garden Stones

We have teacher appreciation day at our school. Last year I was in charge of finding a gift for the classroom teacher and two aides. I came up with the idea of giving each teacher a rose bush and a garden stone. 

I had several pieces of old slate that had used for walking paths in front of houses. They were easy to find in our area, but can also be obtained at garden centers. 

I used acrylic paint and stenciled a flower or bouquet on each stone. I got several different colored paint pens at a craft store and had each child in the class sign the stones. 

Once the paint was dry I used several coats of a spray on gloss finish suitable for use outdoors. 

We gave the stone and a rose bush to each teacher. They were all thrilled to have something different and receiving it in the Spring allowed them to incorporate the stone and rose bush into their budding gardens. 

The first day of school this year they all reported that the bushes were doing well and the stones look beautiful.

Thanks to Deb B. for sending in this idea.


Camping Chair


I purchased some camping chairs that would be the class gift to the teacher.  

  • the students made bugs out of their "thumb prints" using fabric paint and then wrote their name in a fabric marker above or below their thumbprint.
  • I went over their name with fabric paint.
  • At the top of the chair, using fabric paint I wrote, "Thanks for helping us grow".

She loved it so much she was in tears!

The kids made a homemade card for her that read "Like flowers we have bloomed with your loving care".  The kids made a thumbprint in different colors of ink (stamp pads).  We added a stem and leaves to each thumbprint to make flowers all over the front of the card.  

We not sure which one she loved the most, the card or the chair!  

Thanks to T. Harris for sending in this idea.


Saving Money

Our kindergarten class uses a lot of hand sanitizer. We all know that a lot of teachers run out of supplies and have to spend their own money on them. We gave our kindergarten teacher a XL bottle of hand sanitizer with the saying "Thank you for lending a helping hand to help us learn." She was thrilled.

Thanks to Heather C. for this idea.


Sentsational Teacher

We also did a scented candle (lotion or any scented item would work) with a tag that said, "You're a "scent" -sational teacher. Thank you!"


Thanks to Heather C. for this idea.



Send us your ideas for Teacher's gifts, and we'll post them for other visitors to see.

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