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Gift Ideas for Teachers

It's almost summer and the school year is coming to an end. Well don't forget to thank that wonderful Teacher, Principal or even a school bus driver who believed in your child.  These ideas will make finding a teachers gift easy.

Day in the Sun Bucket - gift for a day at the beach.
Have a Cool Summer! - refreshing gift ideas
Christmas gift idea - relaxing gift idea.
Gift Suggestion - thoughts from a teacher
Teacher's Night Off - everyone deserves one

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Day in the Sun

After a full school year, teachers have earned a 'day in the sun'.  Here's an gift idea sent in buy one of our visitors.  It's a creative way your child can encourage their teacher to take a well deserved break.

"Last year both my boys were in different schools. They had many different teachers I didn't want to leave any one out. I thought about my budget and started this themed idea. When I was finished it was about $6.00 per gift.   We made cards and themed it Your Day in the Sun. I hope you like it!  "

Sand buckets (from the dollar store)
2 plastic picnic glasses (sold in packs of four for about a dollar each pack)
Beach shaped reusable ice cubes ( 6 per pack)
2 containers of crystal light( Mixed variety)
1 puzzle book
1 cool pen or pencil
1 sun visor

The gifts were well received and I had three teachers tell me they were going to do the same for their child's teacher! "

Be sure to have your child make the card to go with the Day in the Sun bucket.  The card could show a favorite activity from the past year, or the teacher relaxing at the beach.


Have a Cool Summer!

Last year I wanted to remember all of my two sons' teachers (10 in total) and the bus driver, so I came up with a little kit for a "Cool Summer". It included a Haagen-Dazs gift certificate for a pint of ice cream and was presented in an insulated can cozy filled with freezer gel (dollar store), Kool-Aid in "lemon ice" flavor, along with a paper fan (Oriental Trading) and some cool mint gum. I wrapped up the teachers gifts in a clear goody bag with colored tissue and a note to "Have a Cool Summer" from our family. The teachers loved it - men AND women!

P.S. The Cool Gift Certificates can be ordered at and arrive within a week. Oriental Trading takes a little longer, but your kids could make a folded paper fan too!

Thanks to Susan B. for this idea.


Christmas Gift for Teachers

I had 11 teachers and assistants at Christmastime last year, between my toddler and preschooler. So I made a "Teachers stressbuster kit". 

I bought winter fleece throw blankets, on sale at Wal-mart for $5 (lakeside and JC Penney have them, too). I dipped clear plastic spoons in dipping chocolate and put 2 in a sandwich bag (I cut the zipper off and tied gold ribbon around them). I wrapped the fleece around the middle with a thick holiday ribbon and stuck the spoons, 2 tea bags, 2 hot chocolate packs, and 2 single serve coffee "tea bags" in the ribbon. 

I enclosed "directions" for a relaxing evening, including brewing your beverage in your favorite #1 Teacher mug (they have so many!), using the chocolate spoon, licking it clean (this step is very important), and curling up with your favorite book, under the fleece. 

We made cards with my children's handprints. Their teachers loved them!

Thanks to Denise K. for sending in this idea.


Teacher's Night Off

  1. Buy the following supplies: Popcorn boxes (from a party store or theatre concession stand), box of microwave popcorn, boxes of movie style candies (I got Jr. Mints, etc at Safeway), Gift Cards for local video store or Netflix, pkg of yellow tissue paper, and "best teacher" ribbon or button.
  2. Unfold the popcorn boxes and place yellow tissue in with edges sticking up. Fill with 1 box of candy, 1 video club gift card, 1 bag of microwave popcorn and "best teacher" ribbon or button.
  3. Print out the "Teacher's Night Off" instruction gift card on a card of small piece of paper mounted to the front of the popcorn gift bag. Be sure to write a personal thank you note to go with it.

    Instruction Card
  • Pin “Best Teacher” ribbon on shirt before going to video store. Shamelessly solicit compliments and admiration from video store staff.
  • Use gift card to rent movie with actual plot, good dialogue, and total absence of cartoon characters.
  • Pop popcorn and place in popcorn box. Feel free to wipe buttery hands on sweat pants without fear of “setting bad example.”
  • Eat all candy in box. Do not share. If anyone approaches candy, grab box greedily and yell: “mine!” like an ill-mannered 3-year-old.
  • Repeat as necessary or until gift card runs out of credits.


Thanks to Lisa for this idea.




Gift Suggestion from a Teacher

my only suggestion for teacher gifts (a teacher of 13+ years now) is NO APPLE gifts. Think of the teacher, ask them questions, find out about their likes and dislikes, ask colleagues.  Make it personal.  It doesn't need to be big, just putting your heart into it.  That way no time or money is wasted.

Thanks to Jodi L. for this suggestion.



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Send us your ideas for Teacher's gifts, and we'll post them for other visitors to see.

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