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Party Favors

Do you give out loot bags at the end of your child's birthday party?  Some kids love them, some parents hate them.  It a choice that each family needs to make for themselves.  Here are some thoughts and ideas about loot bags from other parents.

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Party Favors

Loot bags seem like a waste of money to me.  Often they are full of sugar candy and plastic items that break quickly.  It all just ends up in the land fill, and why do kids need more candy after eating cake and ice cream.

At none of our birthday parties in our house have we handed out loot bags as the children leave, but they rarely leave empty handed.

At the Egyptian party, my daughter planned an archaeological dig (with areas sectioned off in a grid over our sandbox). Each child had to dig up their own section to find discover the 'historical artifacts' (plastic jewels, necklace with Egyptian symbol, ...).

Often one of the birthday party activities have the kids making some type of craft project that goes with the theme and becomes the item they can take home from the party.  At a Star party, they decorated star shaped boxes to take home.

At a Tea Party, the girls made name bracelets from beads as a party favor, and each took home a "glamor shot" of herself dressed up.

Another favorite of ours was the beach party with the pirate theme. The kids were given a treasure map and had to follow it to find the pirate treasure (large bag of beach toys). Pirates share their treasure so the kids all played with the toys at the party and then got to take them home. Creating the treasure map was easy and it was the most involved thing I had to do to create that party!

My kids have received some interesting things at the parties they go to.  My son was 3y when he was invited on a tour of the local fire station and got a plastic fireman's hat to bring home.

So it really is up to you.  Do you want to send home loot bags after the party?  Or do you want to plan a party activity that creates a keepsake from the party?  Or do you want the kids to have a great time at the party and take home a fabulous memory?  Time to talk to your birthday child and get his or her ideas.

Are you planning a kids birthday party?  Need to know how to plan a theme birthday party.  How about some kids party activities for the birthday party. Don't forget to check out the Birthday Party Primer for 5 Rules for Planning a Successful Birthday Party.

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