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magic hatThis week is the time to let your imaginations run loose.  Don't worry about how things look, just see everything through a child's eye and have lots of fun with make beleive.

Craft Projects

  1. Make a Fairy Doll.
  2. Make a Fairy Wreath.
  3. Make a Magic Wand.
  4. Make a dress up mask  or an animal mask.


Imagination traveling is a great way to travel the globe.  It can be as simple as talking about place you want to visit, or as exciting as creating a whole new country in your basement, living room or backyard.

Field Trip

Go and see a play or movie.  Ask the kids what it would be like to be one of the performers.


  1. Pretend you have magical powers and can tell the future using a Fortune Teller .
  2. Get out any old clothes or even just some pieces of cloth and have a dress-up afternoon.
  3. Create a play or a skit.  You can use props, costumes, backgrounds, or make it as simple as you want.
  4. Pick your favorite story book and try to create a scene from the story.
  5. Make castles, pirate ships and anything else from cardboard.  


Science can look like magic.  Try Floating and Sinking  and watch as what goes down, comes back up and the goes down again!  You have to see it to believe it.


Post your stories about about your nature adventures to the Creative Kids blog to share with other families.



magic tricks for children

Magic Tricks you can do!

  Everyone loves to watch Magic shows. We see them on television and you might even see one "live" in your town or city at special events. They are always great fun.

You wonder, "How do they do that?" Maybe you thought, "Could I learn to do that?"

Yes, you can! Simple illustrates show you how to do magic fun tricks
to amaze and amuse your friends (and even yourself) with everyday common objects. 

Magic Tricks you can do!



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