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Archeology Game

Find out how hard it is to reconstruct pottery at an archaeological site.

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Archeology Game

  1. Assemble five or six old clay flower pots and decorate them on the outside with either magic marker or paint. Try to make each design distinctive.
  2. Place all the pots into a large paper bag or old pillow case and close the top.
  3. With a hammer, gently bang on the pots inside the bag until they are all broken into pieces.
  4. Shake the bag several times and dump out half the pieces.
  5. Using white glue, try to reassemble as many of the original pots as you can.


  • You can make this game more difficult by having one person do the first 4 steps.  Then the kids can try to reconstruct the pots they've never even seen.  Have an extra pot available in case you need to show them the shape of the finished pots.
  • For a real puzzle, use different shaped vases!
pottery vase with handles pottery with decorations

This idea comes from the Newton's Apple website.

Looking for gift ideas for someone who is fascinated by Ancient Egypt.

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