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Cooperative Games

Cooperative games are a variation on the more familiar competitive games.  These games encourage team-work, creative thinking, problem solving, and helps players realize that everyone can win.  They are full of surprises and challenges, but most of all, they are fun!

The basic 'rules' are:

  1. Everyone plays (i.e. no one is excluded and the games are structured so that everyone can join in)
  2. No one gets hurt
  3. Everyone has fun
  4. Everyone wins

If a game made it difficult or impossible for players to meet those criteria then it needs to be modified.

Some of the best games are invented on the spot by kids.

Usually it helps to set a few guidelines to help narrow the creative field a bit.

Challenge groups to stick to the cooperative games rules, then introduce a few specific elements, like: groups of three, one ball and one hoop per group.

Each group demonstrates their game and everyone else can try them out.

If you are looking for more ideas, try one of the books by Terry Orlick.


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Cooperative Games


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