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Daddy's Gift

For my husband's 30th Birthday - Over a period of 1 month I got my 5 year old son to give me 30 reasons why he loved his Daddy.

We then got a large canvas, painted it and attached these reasons on it in no particular order. We then attached a heap of special photos of the 2 of them. We then glazed it so nothing could be ruined. It didn't cost more than $30.00 AUD (including printing of photos)

It took a whole weekend but it was worth it. My husband loves it and every time he looks at it he sees a different reason why his son loves him.

Gifts for kids


haley said:

Number one dad that gave us the love of honer and as we grow up you will see us as we get older.Dad you can be really honerable to all of us and we know how you feel when you are un happy with us and we all love you.

WE all love you forever.....kiss and hugs!


to my mom and dad,
Dad i know you and mom split up and we dont see you as much any more because of your wife but i guess you chose your wife over your to daughters that love you so much!! :'( I just wanted to let you know that even though we dont talk to you every day we still will love you with all of our hearts!Thanks for being there for us whenever you could! love you dad!!

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