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Early Christmas Morning

I remember one Christmas when my sister and I got up VERY early to find NOTHING under our Christmas tree! (It was very early and Dad was not home as he was at work until 8:00 a.m., so Mom was in bed alone only to be subject to two screaming little girls who were devastated that Santa Claus did not come!)

Of course, Mom was able to convince us that Santa was running late and that we had to go back to bed so that he could come (I guess around 8:00 a.m.!). Sure enough, later that morning Santa did come and it was wonderful - poor Mom, that was the first Christmas we later realized that she was Mom, Dad and Santa Claus!

Thanks to Bev A. for sending in this Christmas morning story

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Shannon Jade x said:

On Christmas me and my brother corey , we always stay up and pretend to go to sleep so when my mam n dad goes to bed me and my brother put a dvd on quietly until bout 5:30 - 6:00 am n we get our stockings from outside our door and we take one thing out one by one and take it in turns, then we wake our parents up and go down stairs and see loads of presents on the setee we open our pressents and then my mam hides our 3 TOP PRESENTS under a sheet either in the shed or hide away and its comes out to be a mini moto bike or a dj dex !!! Our Christmas's Will Never Change Evan Tho Corey Is Getting Older Now ..... :(
Lots Of Love From
Shannon = 11 years old
Corey = 17 years old


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