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Gift of Tools

My toddler adores tools. I have bought the toy-shop plastic ones but he knows better!

So I have bought cheap tools and sanded down the sharp edges, and decorated a shoebox to put them all in.

He has a screwdriver, teeny hammer, measuring tape and more!! For older boys, you could put the tools in a tool belt instead of the box.

I cant wait till he opens them on Christmas morning!!

Thanks to Ashlee for sending in this idea of how to safely give real tools to a young child.

Gifts for kids


Joselin said:

I started giving my nephew tools when he was about 13. Each Christmas and Birthday, he received more tools. We kept a spread sheet of what we bought for him so we wouldn't repeat. At some point, he received a tool box. It is the kind that can be later placed on top of a rolling drawer chest. When he was out of high school, we began getting him power tools such as the handy dremel tool. Now that he is 21 and a diesel mechanic, I get him gift certificates so that he can buy the tools he needs in his profession. He now has a really nice tool set up and since we built it slowly over time, it wasn't so expensive for us. It taught him how to take care of his tools and the importance of placing them back in the tool box when he was finished with them. And he is pretty handy too.l

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