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Hand Made Barbie Clothes

One of Christmases that really stick out in my mind is the year we moved into a new house VERY close to Christmas and we didn't even have a Christmas tree for Christmas morning.

On Christmas Eve I remember being so excited!

I remember my sister and I hearing a funny noise coming from the living room.  But we didn't know what it was.

When we got up the next morning our gifts were all laid out on the ironing board and the sofa and chairs. There were six of us children running around finding our gifts.  We found out that the funny noise was our baby sister's little riding horse "whinnying" when you pulled it's reins

That Christmas was so great because my younger sister and I got new barbies as gifts and a HUGE load of Barbie clothes.  Not the store-bought ones, but every piece loving and patiently made our mom.  She had knitted, crocheted, and sewn everything from Winter snowsuits, bras, wedding gowns, evening dresses, beautiful blouses and caps for our barbies.

To this day I don't know where she got the time.  I guess she must have done it while we were in school, or at night when we went to bed.  But she did it.

We still talk about that special Christmas day.

One year I got a little girl's sewing machine and I made an apron for my mom.  Then when I got older my dad bought me a REAL sewing machine.  I love my mom and dad for making our childhood Christmases special.

Thanks to Deanne Burton for sending in this story.  Deanne owns Cute and Comfy, a handmade children's clothing store.

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toni csargo said:

the story is great and hits home. The gift box for the contest is in this story

Suzanne said:

I remember a Christmas like this one of many years ago....Like your Mom, mine did alot of sewing for Christmas bazaars and she and the other women made beautiful Barbie doll clothes...Me and my cousin both got new wardrobes for our Barbie's every year but the best year I can remember is the year my Oma knit sweaters, skirts and shells for our dolls...I still have them to this day...These are special times when money was tight and those gifts took time and effort to make for much has been lost that our grandbabies will never sad...Let's get together and bring this back to life...I make doll clothes from those patterns of long ago...but little girls now days dress pretend dolls on the puter instead of playing like we did...what is happening???

Angie said:

I remember my mom sewing clothes for my doll (I only had one, was so expensive at that time...), she would keep any little piece of fabric and sew the best outfits and princess dress I had never seen.
Of course all these clothes have deseaper with time. And I can't really remember what they looked like.
Today it is so easy to buy and the price is not that expensive. But still I want to offer the same experience to my princess. I am sewing doll clothes and even if i am not a professional sewer, I sew pretty cute stuff. I use the web a lot to take new ideas and unfortunately it is very hard to find free patterns.
I found one that is great and I tried any of the models so far. If you want to have a look it's:
She posts patterns and explains any steps of the sewing for each outfits for free. this is very nice from her.
The best part is that I spend time with my little one and she is very proud of her mom!

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