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Mom's Raggedy Ann Doll

For my 5th birthday present, my mom put together a Raggedy Ann and Andy birthday party.

She, being a single mother of three at the time and money being tight, decided to also make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for the kids coming to my birthday party. But for the birthday girl, me, she made a 24" Raggedy Ann doll for my gift.

I still remember that doll and carried it around for years!

Last year I had my first child and since the doll was damaged years ago and beyond repair, she made another doll the same size for my daughter, who carries around that doll just like I did.

Thanks to Leona A. Martin for sending in this birthday story.

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soc gonzalez said:

Merry Christmas….hope you can help us.

We are trying to DUPLICATE a Raggedy Ann doll purchased three years ago from a local (Dallas/Ft Worth)

in-home business we can no longer locate.

First granddaughter has one, little sister cannot be left out.

Please try to help!

No time pressure.

25” Raggedy Ann doll with child’s name embodied on apron, child’ s birthdate (on upper back at neck) and weight (on ankle

Or lower back – Grandpa cannot remember where).

This would be a great idea for your business if you can do it.

Please REPLY either way. Can you email pictures of your dolls and Bunny w/ floppy ears?

Soc Gonzalez

Toll Free 866-444-0811

send email to Creative Kids at HomeSend us a note if you have any questions.



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