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Mrs. Beasely Doll

I can remember asking, ok, maybe more like begging or whining, for a Mrs. Beasely Doll.

I was a faithful watcher of "Family Affair" and I wanted a doll just like Buffy's. It was Christmas morning and my Brother and I were out ready to tear into our gifts. We opened each one with excitement. After my last gift was unwrapped, I had my head hung low.

It was not because I did not appreciate what I had received but my heart was quivering for that special doll.

Dad said "Wait a minute." and went to the door for the attic access. He pulled out another gift and handed it to me. Then he said: "Santa must have dropped this." I tore it open and there was my doll.

Thanks to Karen for sending in this story.

Gifts for kids

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