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Rubber Doll

The childhood gift I remember most was a rubber doll that was like a real baby that had a soother and bottle and wet when you fed it.

My aunt and uncle from the U.S. always mailed me a gift to Canada, and at that time dolls were made of wood faces and cloth bodies. Because it was something unusual, it was great gift.

Both of my children played with it and loved it too. It even has some missing toes where a pet guinea pig, that liked to eat things it shouldn't, got to work on it. If I had stored it away it would probably be worth a lot of money today, but then I see it and have many memories from my childhood.

I keep it in a wooden cradle that my father made for me because I grew up in the war years and mother said there were no toys since the factories were all making war supplies.

Thanks to Anne Shirley Manion for sending in this gift story.

Gifts for kids

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