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Tiny Tears Doll

My most memorable Christmas gift ever was given to me when I was about five years old.

Very early Christmas morning, I snuck downstairs. It was still dark, but there was a little illumination coming through the windows from the streetlights. I crept slowly down the wooden staircase, clutching the banister, my heart beating with excitement for what I might see in the murky darkness. I knelt down and peered through the railings, not daring to go any further lest my parents find me poking around in the gifts before we were supposed to be up.

Tiny Tears DollThere, propped up on the sofa, was a huge box - it looked like a doll! I crept closer, and sure enough, the box held my heart's desire of 1960 - a Tiny Tears doll! A doll whose eyes opened and closed and wept tears, a doll with movable arms and legs, a doll that wet its diaper. There was a bottle, a bubble pipe, some clothes, and diapers included in the box - I could barely believe it - how did Santa know that was the one thing I wanted more than anything in the world?

That doll went with me everywhere I went for years - sleepovers, camping, car trips - everywhere. She had her own crib, a bassinet, a highchair, a baby carriage and dozens of clothes that my mother made by hand - my mother who had a household and four other children to take care of.

I still have that doll - she's a little worse for wear, but I kept her to remind myself of the dreams and desires of children and how magical it is when they come true.

Thanks to Pamela for telling us about her Tiny Tears Doll

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Marsha Dee said:

I thoroughly enjoyed the above Xmas memory. I too, if I had a good memory which I don't, would have probably done the same thing on Xmas of around 1955. I still have my Tiny Tears doll which is in good shape and have only to squeeze her tummy and smell her baby's breath to recall a happy time in my life. Thankyou

stephanie willis said:

I no longer have my tiny tears - we moved around a lot and toys added weight to the moving van - so, there went my childhood memories! But I loved my Tiny Tears and would love to see her again!

Andrew Twombley said:

I am trying to buy my girlfriend a tiny tears doll. Can you still get them? She wanted one when she was little but her parents bought something else instead. I am trying to see if it is still possible to buy them. Can you help?

Marilyn LaMoureaux said:

I believe I was 5 (born in 1944)so it must have been 1949 ~ and I had a Tiny Tears doll with brown curly hair ~ loved that doll so much, but lost her during a move. Are they still made? Is it possible to obtain one? Any info. you can provide would be so appreciated.

Elizabeth Carmona said:

I had a tiny tears doll that I loved - my aunt would crochet all her clothes; hats capes coats dresses shirts tops - and bonnets with ribbons. I wish I still had her along with the little red spinning wheel. Who could ask for more

Kelley said:

I have one in great condition.........
Still want one?

Charla Cauthen said:

I also have my tiny tears doll that I got for Christmas one year. My mother had put her in the attic, and due to the heat, her arms and legs are cracked. I would like to replace them. She came with a bubble pipe,a little bar of Ivory soap, a bib, and was dressed in a little white sunsuit. She brings back so many memories to me.

Margaret said:

I still can remember that Christmas morning, waking up and seeing my Tiny Tears doll. I can still remember how she smelled.

Barbara Migliore said:

I had the doll too don't anymore.
But I bought a collectible one not rubber. Whe came with all the accessories including a line and clothespins. Love that doll

Wendy said:

I too remember my Tiny Tears doll when I was 5 in a 1958. I loved her so much.. I remember sitting on the back steps with the kitty and took her from the box and took out all the wonderful items she had. Her Ivory soap ect. I remember feeding her and having to change her little diaper.. it was wet! One day she was gone? My parents did some strange things to me. My cousin had her... So about 7 years ago I had to replace her and bought one at a doll hospital and now I have 7 of them in different sizes. I love them all!!

Kelley said:

I have a tiny tears doll in good condition.......if interested, you can reach me at (502) 409-8933, ask for Kelley
Or e-mail me at

Vicki said:

Pamela's story, reminds me of mine. I would been about 3-4 years old, when I looked under the Christmas tree and found my Tiny Tears. Along with her, came a metal hi-chair and crib.

She's just like the one in your Image.
My mother had patterns for making a dressy coat/cap; dress with appliques, sun suit with ruffles for her bottom; a long Christening dress with cap and a yellow corduroy one-piece hooded snowsuit.

Unfortunately, her the vinyl legs are loosing their elasticity and I just noticed that one of the legs have cracked open from behind the knee.

I'm not sure what to do with her. I have a granddaughter....however, as we know, they have their own dolls, and don't always appreciated inheriting, any. I would concern donating her to a museum, if possible. Any Ideas??

stella hodges said:

I had a tiny tears doll when I was 5 and now that oi am 55 I have a total of 91 yes "ninety one " of them. I have all the accessories . Car bed play pen and rocking cradle. Please see my website at to see my addiction

Carolyn McDaniel said:

I am 77 years old: too old to have had a Tiny Tears Doll, but my daughter who was born in 1954 and died at the age of 46 in 2000 had one and did she ever love it. Her loving and patience hands played with and took care of her Tiny Tears on a daily basis. I do not remember which Cghristmas that she got the doll, but she really took good care of it. I believe that it is a 1956-1956 model. I have recently been cleaning out things that I have never been able to part with. This is a 16inch with dark brunette hair. When I found her even the clothes she had on were stuck to her. I soaked her in a sink of warm soapy water and shampooed her hair. She had many clothes for Tiny Tears both "store bought" and the kind Mommy made. I Did not think it would be possible to get her clean. She seemed a wee bit sticky, so after I put wd40 in her eyes to make them move better I noticed the area around them felt better, so I rubbed the entire body with wd40 and she feels much better. Just hope I did not do anything to damage her any further. I am getting all of her clothes clean, even the ones Mommy made. Then I am going to try to present it to my only grandson and his wife to keep as keepsaKe. I hope they are as excited about it as I am. They have no children, but may some day have a litttle girl that would love to have her grandmommy's doll that is more than 50 years old.
Carolyn McDaniel
Jackson, TN

carol said:

I too am in the same category of sentiments. I loved my Tiny Tears doll, mostly, because, my dearly beloved mom gave it to me at Christmas, with so much LOVE in her HEART!

Joy said:

I loved my Tiny Tears too. Funny thing is I thought i was younger when I had it but I was born in 1948 and it looks like they were around in the late 50's. My "baby" got tossed years ago - too many years ago to remember.

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