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I love reading and think books are great and to be respected.

I have started a family tradition with my children to buy a favorite story-time book every Christmas. Classics like 'We're going on a bear hunt" and "the very hungry caterpillar" and all the titles I've grown up with. I have also started to buy ONE DVD every Christmas too (DVDs are great on a rainy day!) and am trying to build up a family collection of the much-loved Disney collection!!!

Another fun family gift we got one year was a huge suitcase of old clothes - dress up clothes!!

You can make up a box of op-shop clothes with belts, shoes, hats, big shirts, dresses, fabric strips, make-up etc - a gift that will bring smiles for many hours!!

Thanks to Ashlee for sending in these ideas for family gifts.

Gifts for kids


kirsten said:

hi hanks for evey things

jordan said:

this is an awesome website

erika pellegrino said:

thank you so much. this really helped me find a gift for my family

Brandy Rife said:

This web site is so cool!! Thanks so much everyone for all of the poems, crafts, and all great ideas! I really needed this I have 4 children to occupy & this has really given me some ideas!! THANKS AGIAN & MAY GOD BLESS!

Jacey said:

This website is awesome! Whoever made it is a total genius! I needed an immediate birthday present idea and didn't have time to go to the store so i looked on here and found tons! Thanks a million!

Ethan said:

My bithday will be 3/4/10.

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