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I have to buy presents under $10 for 5-10year olds.

So I came up with a couple of fun presents I put together myself!!

For each person, I have bought a fun printed mug, placed in a cool sorbet/long dessert spoon, and some sachets of milkshake mix and hot chocolate, and little wrapped marshmallows!

For adults I put in teabags or coffee sachets!!! I wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon before wrapping!!

I also buy small terracotta pots and put in a packet of seeds and a gardening tool, or for the grandparents, the kids can decorate the pots.  We put a nice potted plant in, a few days before Xmas - a long-lasting gift!!!

Thanks to Ashlee for sending Kids Gift ideas!

Gifts for kids


camila said:

i would wish more for a best friend gift she loves to cook so do i but she also loves to read were like twins we love the same thing

eliza said:

the cup idea is great it was for my next door neighbour. she was turning 3yrs old. i filled the cup with heaps of lollies and she absoulutly loved it. she gave me a hug afterwards and a sloppy kiss on the cheek it was sooooo cute

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