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This is Your Life

This year I will be giving my daughter a This Is Your Life Scrapbook.

My daughter is in the ninth grade and I have been collecting class work, pictures, mementos from trips, and ect… We have all collected things from our children’s lives. What better to display it than in a scrapbook? It could also include your child’s favorite things from childhood to now. Fads they have followed and more. It could be in many designs or themed. You have no limits, as big as your imagination.

Your child will spend a lot of time looking back and reminiscing and well as keeping it for a lifetime. They will also enjoy sharing with their friends.

Gifts for kids


bhatt surabhi r said:

by proffession i m librarian and a daughter of a docter's parent,on the occasion of my marriage in 2006 i had given a handmade book to my parents dercribing my old memories listing from my certificates,photoes, cloths,cards,wrappers,poster's,movie tickets,and many more......till my wedding card......with brief decription and given the ahasas means feeling....this year i am going to celebrate my daughter khank's first b'day on 23 dec so my mom had a plan to make a same book for that on her marriage she can return to me.isn't it touching return gift.

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