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Arnold McCutcheon

Arnold has been interested in making things from recycled items most of his life.  

"Each piece is a challenge of engineering and fabrication as well as a delight for the little boy inside."

Arnold with a working hovercraft model

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His Story

While farming in the 60's he made his own 4 wheel drive tractor from 2nd hand parts. 

In the mid 80's he got serious about recyclables as an art form. Aluminum pop cans were dissected and made into jewelry, greeting cards, pictures, animals and boats. 

The 90's saw him move into sculpting with silverplate; primarily old spoons and forks. His greatest satisfaction was from creating the human form showing some emotion. 

He then switched into making semi-functional pieces centred on CD discs. Typical creations included locomotives, trucks, amusement centres and musical instruments. 

Lately he has been creating animals, toys, windmills and wall art from recycled aluminum bottles. His art is meant to be touched, to see the wheels turn, the people move or the colors change. In keeping with his philosophy of 'no battery powered items' because of their pollution of the environment, he's making more things that are wind powered, magnet powered, human powered (e.g. spring wound, or move by gravity).

His most recent interest is developing projects using a new power source; solar power.


Arnold working in his shop

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