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Ideas for a Computer Mouse

What can you do with an old  computer mouse?  Just about anything.  Try one of these ideas, or create your own.

Mouse Car
Whale Mouse
Frog Mouse



This project idea comes with general suggestions and to get you thinking.  Use what you have on hand to create your own computer mice creations.

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Mouse Car


(computer mouse, 1 wooden bead, 2 wheels, 2 knobs, 1 piece of plastic, craft glue)


  1. Snip off the cord from the mouse.
  2. Drill holes for the front and back wheels.  Attach the wheels using screws and a washer.
  3. Cut a piece of plastic in the shape of the front window.  Slide it into the grove part way along the mouse.  Once everything fits, use glue to keep it in place.  
  4. Use a marker to draw a face on a wooden bead.  Glue in place behind the windshield.  Add a hat or other features.


Whale Mouse


(computer mouse, 2 wiggly eyes, white vinyl, craft glue)


  1. Snip off the cord from the mouse.
  2. Cut the fins and tail from vinyl and glue in place.
  3. Glue on wiggly eyes.


Frog Mouse


(computer mouse, 2 wooden balls, 2 eyes, 1 piece of vinyl, red fun foam, white glue)


  1. Snip off the cord from the mouse.
  2. From the vinyl, cut out arms and legs.  You can print and trace the pattern.
  3. Drill two holes on the bottom of the mouse at the back (about 1/2 inch in from the sides).
  4. Use screws to attach the back legs to mouse, using the pre-drilled holes.  The screws will keep the back legs in place, while letting them move forwards and backwards.
  5. Glue the front legs under the mouse.
  6. Glue the eyes on the wooden balls and glue them onto the mouse.



  1. Think about what items you have that could be used to create the parts for your creative mice.  If you have felt rather than vinyl, use that for the frog's legs.  Maybe you have a button that would be the perfect size for a steering wheel. 
  2. Many people have old computer mice they would be happy to give you to make your own creations.



Note for Parents:

Arncraft projects challenge you to create new items from recycled materials. Creative Kids at Home will try to provide safety warnings, but these projects are not intended for young children. Plan to have an adult supervising and helping with the project.

It is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your home.

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