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Mark the Robot

Not quite sure what to do with a old cordless phone or a remote control that doesn't work.  Turn it into a robot!

This project turns an old cordless phone, or remote control, two markers and pieces of venetion blind or dominos for the feet, into a robot.

The free instructions contain a detailed list of supplies, tools, and step by step instructions to make your own robot.  

Mark the Robot - made by recycling an old phone

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The instructions for Mark the Robot are contained in an Adobe PDF document. You will need Adobe Reader to view or print them.

The instructions for Mark the Robot (150kb).


Adobe Reader is free software available from Adobe that lets you print files formatted for your own printer. Visit the Adobe site if you need to download Adobe Reader.


Note for Parents:

Arncraft projects challenge you to create new items from recycled materials. Creative Kids at Home will try to provide safety warnings, but these projects are not intended for young children. Plan to have an adult supervising and helping with the project.

It is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your home.

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