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Mini Race Car

Now that DVDs are popular, what can you do with all the video cassettes?  This project turns an old VCR cassette into a race car to play with.

Be sure to read the tool list and step by step instructions to make your race car.  Don't forget to think about what you could substitute before buying something on the list!


This heavy duty race car with ball bearing wheels should serve for many miles.  The handgrip is a special feature for little drivers.

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  • 1 VHS cassette
  • 2 pieces of hardwood (2 3/8" x 3/4" x 13/16" for axle housings
  • 4  2 1/2" roller blade wheels, complete with ball bearings and mounting bolts
  • 4  #4 round head screws  3/8" long
  • 1 drawer pull with mounting screws  3" apart
  • white glue


  • 1 large philips screw driver & 1 small (yellow handle)
  • white pencil crayon or masking tape and lead pencil
  • electric band saw or variable speed scroll saw or coping saw
  • electric drill press or electric hand drill
  • 3/32", 3/16" and 15/64" drill bits
  • center punch


Print out Full Size Diagram for the Race Car

The full size diagram for the Mini Race Car is in an Adobe PDF document. You will need Adobe Reader to view or print it.

The diagram for Mini Race Car (294kb).


Adobe Reader is free software available from Adobe that lets you print files formatted for your own printer. Visit the Adobe site if you need to download Adobe Reader.


Preparing the VCR Cassette

  1. Remove 5 small philips screws holding case together.
  2. Separate the two halves, retain tape reels, discard loose parts and 1 7/8" flat spring attached to upper half.
  3. Reassemble case using original screws.
  4. Using white glue, glue hinged tape cover (7" x 7/8" ) in its closed position.
  5. Trace race car body diagram onto tape case and cut with saw.

Preparing the Axle Housing

  1. Find exact centers of the ends of the housings and center punch.  
  2. Using a drill press, drill wheel mounting holes 5/8" deep with the 15/64" drill bit.

Mount Axle Housings

  1. Locate housings inside race car body with center hole of the wheel mounting 2" from either end of the body.
  2. Drill mounting holes with 3/16" bit.
  3. Screws should go through both body halves and axle housings.  

Mount Handgrip

  1. Locate handgrip in the center of race car body.
  2. Drill mounting holes with 3/16" drill bit.
  3. Screws should go through both body halves and axle housings.

Mount Race Car Wheels

  1. Using bolts that were on the inline skates, thread them into the axle housings.


  1. Even though the 1/4" bolts thread snug into the 15/64" holes, some white glue provides added security.
  2. Pick up old roller blades at yard sales or thrift stores.


Optional:  Paint race car body with enamel or cover with stickers.


Happy Racing!  



Note for Parents:

Arncraft projects challenge you to create new items from recycled materials. Creative Kids at Home will try to provide safety warnings, but these projects are not intended for young children. Plan to have an adult supervising and helping with the project.

It is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your home.

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