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Art and Creations from Recycled Items

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Arnold McCutcheon

Arnold has been interested in making things from recycled items most of his life.

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Arnold cutting a CD for one of his projects

"Each piece is a challenge of engineering and fabrication as well as a delight for the little boy inside."

Kids have fun with crafts.
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Arncraft Project Library

Arncraft projects use a variety of materials that could have been thrown away.  Each project contains a list of supplies, tools, and step by step instructions.  Don't be afraid to try new things.  If you don't have the exact material listed in the instructions, don't go buy it!  Think about it's characteristics, and then figure out what you already have that could do the job.

  Computer Mice - Turn an old computer mouse into a frog, a whale or a race car.
CD Angel - Re-use old CDs to make a beautiful Angel.
Mark the Robot - Remember that portable phone or remote control that died? Now it can come alive as Mark the Robot.
Mini Racer - This project turns an old VCR cassette into a race car to play with.


Note for Parents:

Arncraft projects challenge you to create new items from recycled materials. Creative Kids at Home will try to provide safety warnings, but these projects are not intended for young children. Plan to have an adult supervising and helping with the project.

It is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your home.

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