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Kids Gift Stories

Gifts For School Age Kids

Family Gifts - ideas to start family traditions

Kids Gift Ideas - suggestions for gifts

A Special Bag - filled with fun ideas

Real Santa Claus - Missionaries who showed the real meaning of Christmas

Whole New World - a gift of books can open a whole new world for a child

Japanese Puzzle Box - a gift from an amazing Grandfather

Gift of Time - the greatest gift of all

Her Own Book - a book of art and poems

Scrapbooking Gift - what every young scrapbooker needs

A Big Doll - just because they loved us

Uncle's Gift - I'm special because he cares

Raggedy Ann Doll - the best gift I ever received from my mother

Simply Perfect - a hand made gift is simply perfect

Good vs Bad - gift from Mom

This is Your Life - scrapbook with lots of memories

Sponsor a Child - as a birthday present for your child

Made by Dad - The gift of inspiration

A Child's Choice - A Bible for Christmas

New Saddle - Gift for a horse lover

12 Days of Christmas - gifts for 12 days before Christmas

Easy Bake Oven - serving cake on Christmas morning.

Gifts for kids

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