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Best of 2006

It was a busy year for Creative Kids at Home.  There are lots of new activities, games, and science projects, as well as the new theme pages to make it easier for you to find what your looking for.  I coached a First Lego Team and posted blog entries about our team's journey.  And then there are all the odds and ends that don't easily fit into categories.

New Kids Crafts and Activities

You'll find lots of new ideas to the activity library over 2006.  

Write your own Book
Thanks for Helping Plant
Hand Prints to Remember 
Teacher Gifts to Buy from One Child
Teacher's Gifts bought by a class
Painted Butterflies
Creating Rainbows
How to dry playdough creations
paper garlands with boys and girls
Ropes of Bubbles
Recipe for roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Pine Cone Turkey
Christmas Cookie Recipe

Theme Pages on Kids' Interests

The new theme pages act as index pages for all projects, crafts, and games on one theme.  These pages are helpful if you have a child who wants to do everything about their favorite interest, or for planning a child's birthday party.  You'll find more new projects on each of these pages.

Ancient Egypt
Beach Activities
Make Believe

Kids Games

There are so many different types of games for kids.  Our family plays lots of strategy board games that are new to many families.  You'll find ideas for everything from games to keep your kids busy in the car to which game can you play at a kids birthday party.

Reviews of our favorite Board Games
Game ideas for Outdoors
Two Player Games
Birthday Party Games
Car Games
Cooperative Kids Games
Ice Breaker Games for Kids


What are Crystals
What is an Atom
Magnetic Field of Mars
Amazing Polymers  
Sunlight and Solar Energy

Science Fair Stuff

What is a Hypothesis?  
Hot on Magnets
Water Quality Project (part 1)
and (part 2)

First Lego League

First Lego League  is an international competition that is held every year.  They choose a theme (2006 - Nanotechnolgy), and then develop a series of challenges around that theme.  The kids have to design a robot to accomplish each of the challenges, complete a research project on the theme, and make a presentation to the judges.  They have about 8 weeks to get it all done.

What is First Lego League?
Weekly Scoring
Improving Presentation Skills
Tournament Day

Other Entries

Kids and Car Seats
What Christmas is all About
Mr. McGrooovy's rivets

After compiling this list of the Best of 2006, I can't wait to get started on the website plans for 2007!


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