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November 10, 2007

Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Children Contest

What's the best gift you were given as a child?  Do you have a fabulous idea of a gift you are going to give a child?  Or how about a wonderful idea for a gift that a child can give to someone else?  There are three ways to win prizes.

1)  Send in your story. The favorite story prize will be awarded to the most popular gift story as determined by the number of comments left by unique visitors.  The Great Story Prize will awarded to the most interesting story, and there are draw prizes that any story can win. 

2)  Send in a comment about about one of the stories.  There are two great prizes that will be awarded by random draw from all the comments sent in.

3) Find the hidden gift while you are reading all the great gift stories.  Tell us if you find the hidden gift and you might win the prize for that day!  

Find out more about the Gifts for Children Contest and check out all the prizes!

Take some time to read the gift stories.  You may come up with some new ideas for your own Christmas list.


November 13, 2007

November crafts

Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving on November 22th.  Check out these ideas to make some Thanksgiving decorations as part of your celebrations.  There's lots of ideas for turkey decorations, and a new idea to have the kids create unique napkin rings for your holiday table.  Of course, you could use the same idea to place cards, or just some table decorations.

Are your kids are hoping for snow?  While they are waiting, make Paper Snowflakes or  glittery snowflakes .  They can use paper plates to make snowflakes.  Younger children use simple designs, and older children can cut more intricate patterns.

November 15, 2007

Q&A in November

1) Sugar Crystal Ornaments

Heather asked:

I was just wondering seeing as it is made out of sugar, will it get sticky and attract bugs? and also if not is it something you can save for years to come? Thanks!!


The dry crystals aren't sticky. That could happen if they got wet. 

We made our first set 3-4 years ago and continue to use them each year. It's possible you could have problems, but we enjoy these ornaments with none of the concerns you've raised.


2) Mancala Game

Teresa asked:

I have misplaced directions for our Mancala game. Could you clarify when a player's turn ends. 


As we play the game, a player gets one turn. She can pick up all the marbles in one cup and drop them in order, into cups around the board. If the last marble falls into her 'store', she gets a bonus turn. Otherwise, that is the end of her turn.

If her last marble falls into an empty cup, she gets to scoop up all the marbles from the cup beside it and put them into her 'store'.

These are the rules we learned. But the game has been played for thousands of years and has many variations. As long as both players agree, pick your own rules. 

3) Games for Large Group of Kids

Jo asked:

I am a field trainer for after school programs and would like some ideas that could involve as many as 60 children.


Have you looked through our games library

There's lots of ideas that can be used for large groups of children.


November 27, 2007

Gifts for Children Contest

I've been having a great time with the Gifts for Children contest.

The stories that are coming in are amazing.  Take some time to read them and you will be inspired to try just a bit harder than spending lots of money at the nearest toy store.

Here's a story from a Mom who's making her sons' superhero capes.  Or another Mom who gathered up her daughter's poems and art to create and publish them in a book.

There's still time to have your children make this gift that is all the reasons why they love Daddy, Grandma, or anyone special in their life.  It's a one a kind gift that the will be treasured by anyone who receives it.

If you are looking to create some new family traditions, read about this idea for the 12 days of Christmas.

I know some of these gifts in the stories came from stores, but the real gift is someone who makes you feel special.


Read the contest stories and then send in your own.  Or even just post a comment and you will be entered to win some of the prizes.


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