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Gifts For Preschoolers

Gift of Tools - let them have real tools

Baby Born - the doll I really wanted

Karma - looking at the world through a child's eye

Child's Artwork - on their clothes

Super Hero Capes - perfect gift for your little super hero

Stick Drawing - the best Christmas present ever

Tiny Tears Doll - dreams can come true

Art Gift - how to make art a gift

Cabbage Patch Doll - a really good Christmas present

Big Blue Fun - how a gift can make a day special

Daddy's Gift - gift from little boy to his Daddy

Mrs. Beasely Doll - the best gift!

Hand Made Barbie Clothes - Barbie clothes made by Mom

Gift of Patience - or why to wait for Christmas morning

Mom's Raggedy Ann Doll - Raggedy Ann Doll made by Mom

Rubber Doll - Fancy Doll sent from the US

New Dolls - 3 new dolls for Christmas

Early Christmas Morning - too early for Santa

Gifts for kids

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